The Centre for Muscle Therapy
Therapy for injury and overuse pain


The Centre for Muscle Therapy can assist you whether you are a competitive athlete or a general laborer dealing with pain from your job. Many of our clients have benefited from many types of muscle therapy for relief of pain . CFMT is no ordinary massage therapy practice. Each session is custom to you and your body.

We  also provide post-race therapy as well as rehabilitation therapy after an injury or surgery with a combination of massage, exercise and Active Release Therapy.

Injury and pain due to working conditions, a sport or a repetitive movement... all can be debilitating. We specialize in overuse injuries. If you are suffering from any of the following conditions whether athlete or computer worker, give us a call.


                             We Can Help

carpal tunnel


hip pain

low back pain

rotator cuff or shoulder injury

knee pain

tennis elbow

shin splints

Let us help relieve your pain and perform at your optimal health and fitness at whatever you do.

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