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Therapy for injury and overuse pain
About the Practitioner

         Hi, My name is Dorian Yoder and I am a Indiana Certified and licensed massage therapist since 2006. I am also trained in neuromuscular and sports therapy, kinesio taping, rehabilitation exercise and deep tissue sports massage and am a Certified ART provider. After graduating I worked at an athletic and tennis club until opening my own practice. I worked closely with a local chiropractic clinic and their patients on treatment plans for their patients.

         I am passionate about what I do. Having spent the past year getting certifications in ART, I can  provide you with the best treatment possible for your injury. ART means  Active Release Therapy and it is a soft tissue treatment that helps many individuals that have tried other treatments such acupuncture, physical therapy and even surgery. My passion to help reduce or alleviate pain caused by an old injury, a new injury or overuse syndrome. If you have tried other treatments with no relief, give us a call and see if we can help you.




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